The residential component of the Goodwill Agents International offers a variety of residential opportunities for persons with mental retardation in small community settings. Participants are provided skills training, support, and supervision on an individual basis and are given the opportunity for personal growth and independence. To achieve these, the agency established Group Homes and Supported Living Programs.

The group homes offer 24-hour supervision and a small staff to resident ratio. Each home provides a family atmosphere with four to seven individuals living together. Some of the group homes provide awake, overnight coverage that will be appropriate for individuals with significant disabilities. Others provide support for elderly adults who no longer wish to participate in a day program.

The supported living program provide a less structured living environment for persons who are able to live independently with staff support 1 to 5 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. Each resident in the supported living program receive the amount of supervision necessary to provide for his/her safety while allowing for autonomy and independence. Residents live alone, or with roommate, in apartments or townhouses. The goal of both programs is to foster independence in individuals challenged with mental and physical disabilities.

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