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Everyday, what we do, and don’t do, makes a difference for the future. What we believe is important today will have an impact on what happens tomorrow. It is against this philosophy that the Goodwill Agents International Inc. (GAI) was founded by Samuel Santigie Turay, LMSW who through the years working as a Licensed Social Worker and an Administrator in different areas in the field has developed concerns about the inequity in the way people live globally. Samuel believes that as humans we are all equal under the sun; and that building a bridge between yourself and the other person is a crucial tool in enhancing life, encourage growth of all individuals without regard to race, physical and / or mental disability, color, religion, ethnicity and origin.

Vision Statement

GAI envisions a world of equal and equitable opportunities for all peoples.

Mission Statement:

GAI is a 501c3 not-for-profit international non-governmental organization that is committed to advancing the holistic well- being of people challenged with mental and physical disabilities, abject poverty and discrimination. We provide Group Homes for street kids, the physically and mentally challenged, scholarships for unfortunate children, and economic development opportunities for people living in poor rural and urban communities, particularly in the Global South.


  • To enable individuals challenged with mental and physical disabilities live as dignified human beings.
  • To strengthen the capacity of poor rural and urban communities to improve their socio-economic well-being.
  • To enable people infected and affected with HIV / AIDS improve the quality of their lives.
  • To enhance the ability of the rural and urban poor to provide formal education for their children.
  • To enable marginalized people live healthy lives.

Principles and Core Values

  • Equal and equitable socio-economic, educational and health opportunities for people with different abilities or special needs.
  • Human dignity and well-being.
  • Peace and non-violence.
  • Respect for all peoples and the environment.
  • Inclusive world.
  • Commitment to socio-economic justice for all peoples.
  • Collaboration.


  • Principles and Core Values:
  • Residential Group Homes.
  • Affordable Housing.
  • Shelters for the homeless.
  • Community Development Education.
  • Recreational Programs.
  • Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Training.
  • Community Economic Development Programs.
  • Environmental Development Programs.
  • Community Health Education (e.g. HIV / AIDS, Malaria etc.) programs.
  • Advocacy and Networking.
  • Guidance and Counseling.
  • Research Cooperation and Sharing.
  • Bi-Lateral Relationship.

Organizational Chart

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