The GAI offers a variety of enjoyable, year-round leisure activities to participants of all ages. The program is designed to be fun while building self-confidence and developing social skills. Participants are offered the opportunity to experience social, cultural, educational, and physical fitness activities. Dances, museum outings, sports events, children’s festivals, and trips are a few of the interesting and instructional activities offered throughout the year.

 Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Training:

Our Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Training programs is designed to help person’s with disabilities develop marketable skills for competitive work. Examples of such skills will include Auto-Mechanics, Computers, Carpentry, Black-Smithery, Plumbing, Pottery, Janitorial/Maintenance, Micrographics and Packaging/Assembly. When work skills and behaviors improve, they will be placed in the community.

Community Economic Development Programs:

At GAI, we believe that people cannot be developed, they can develop themselves. Therefore in our work with people living in poor rural and urban communities in the Global South, GAI strives to provide the following: (a)    Farm Tractor and Food Processing services to local farmers associations. This will reduce manual labor, increase production and enhance the quality of the produce; (b)    Small Business Development and Management and Income generating programs and (c)    Savings and Micro-Credit programs.

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