Advocacy and Networking:

GAI will be engaged in a wide range of advocacy and networking activities in order to increase the visibility and impact of our work for gender equality, and influence policymakers and public opinion. In cooperation with partners, GAI implement campaigns to advance women’s rights.  We support partner organizations’ advocacy for policy and legislative change at the national level.  Our aim is to raise the international visibility of partner campaigns, using communications tools such as Human Rights Alerts, eNews, and our website, as well as hosting events for activists, policymakers, media, and the public. GAI support and  is willing to partner with any number of important social justice networks that addresses gender, children, youth, democracy and intercultural issues.

Guidance and Counseling Services:

GAI’s guidance and Counseling Services promote the efficient and happy lives of individuals by helping them adjust to social realities. The focus of these services is to help people / participants understand their potentialities and liabilities and make intelligent personal and vocational decisions. Counseling is done individually or in groups.

Research Cooperation and Sharing:

GAI participate in research and sharing of information with other organizations that shares the same or similar beliefs, mission and vision in promoting equal and equitable opportunities for all peoples.

Bi-lateral Relationship:

At GAI, we believe that most communities in developing countries have the genuine desire to develop their environment but lack the economic ability to do so. Also, due to circumstances beyond their control, most of them do not have the opportunity to attract such economic power on their own. As a result, they rely on the assistance of other established organizations to help them establish relationships or partnership with funding partners in developed countries.
To help such community groups achieve this goal, GAI plays the role of identifying, evaluating and recommending such groups to partner organizations that manifest interest in providing funding to communities in developing countries. In addition GAI acts as the link between the funding source and the community groups by receiving, disbursing and monitoring the funds in other to ensure that they are utilized for the purpose intended.
The goal of the program is to help grassroots groups in developing countries improve their quality of life by supporting the implementations of their activities while at the same time enabling our funding partners to make a “whole – life impact” in their communities.

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